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MORT day 40 - the sleep emporium

“you did?” Desmond asked incredulously.

“don’t sound so surprised” Val said accusingly, pointing a finger at Desmond. 

“we are two resourceful girls. Did you any better?” She challenged.

“No…” I said, rather forlorn.

“Then who are you judge us, we…” Val did get much father than this before Nona finally erupted.

Nona had been standing behind Val, shifting her balance from one foot to the other in impatient anticipating.

“you have to come see this, it’s so cool” she almost shouted at us, from behind Val.

“calm your horses” Val said, but a smile had crept onto her lips, making the statement much less harsh.

“Seriously, this is so awesome, you guys are gonna freak out” Nona continued, as though she hadn’t heard Val.

“you better come along, before she bursts” Val said, glancing back at us.

With that, Val and Nona started to lead the way towards the thing that was obviously breathtaking. The dark had truly fallen by this point, leaving the building cavernous and rally scary. The scrambling of the geeks below created a haunting echo, which took the majesty away from the mall and left it feeling empty and hollow. The only bright spot in the room, besides the ring of Desmond’s electric torch, was the sporadic shouts of “come on guys” that came from Nona up ahead. 

We had walked for a while, when Val finally said “this is it”

We had stopped in front of an empty storefront, where a dilapidated sign read “Sander Stevens Sleep emporium”

“This is the place?” Desmond asked and shone his torch into the store. 

The place was as grey and disgusting as the rest the building. Parts of the ceiling hung down and it had a strong smell of mildew to it.

“this is the place that we are going to spend the night?” he asked again, looking Val straight in the eyes.

“yes, this is the place” Val said, her voice laced with sarcasm. “we also thought you might wanna take a walk with the geek in the morning” she added, with no humor in her voice.

“OK, OK, there is no need to be nasty” Desmond shot back at her.

Val was just about to say something inappropriate, when Nona popped up, out of nowhere.

“what are you waiting for” she asked, her smile widening by the second.

Nona’s good mood was infectious, as we followed her into the sleep emporium, though we had to step lightly to avoid the frozen puddles that were strew around the room. Nona led us through the store, which was enormous, to a small door at the back of the room. She put her hand on the doorknob, then hesitated and eventually turned around.

“are you ready to see something awesome?” she asked, her grin spreading from ear to ear.

“will you just show us already” Desmond said, exasperated.

“OK, behold the sleep palace” She said with no lack of grandior and pushed the door open behind her.

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MORT day 39 - the mall

We quickly decided that it would be best if we split into groups, that way we could cover more ground and maybe find a place to sleep before nightfall. We only had a few criteria for the place that we needed to sleep, It should be dry (meaning no ice or snow), it should be relatively safe (no geeks) and it should be somewhat comfortable, since we would have to sleep real close to keep warm. My friends had slept in their sleeping bags the night before and said that it had done nothing to keep out the cold. I had to honest and say the the earlier days exhesions had left my sleep almost deathlike, so I had noticed nothing.

I wasn’t all happy about exploring the mall, it was cold, dark and my ankle hurt. There was a short discussion about who would be going out with whom, but it was decided that Nona and Val should go to one end of the building and Desmond and I would be going to the other end, which secretly made me glad, because I did not want to spend any more time with Val than I had to. 

My bitchyness about having to go out into the mall quickly evaporated when I realized that the place was fascinating, it was like nothing we had it in sector D.

There were nooks and crannies to explore at every turn. Colorful signs brightened up dark hallways and interesting bits of what this place had once been waited around every corner. Each store font presented new arrays of thing I had never seen before. One place had a mess of mildewed dolls staring creepily at you from the busted window, another presented more books than I have ever laid my eyes on, there was was one place that seemed to sell shoes, though the high heels that they had  made them so impractical it made me wonder who would wear thatkind of thing. The whole thing was so wonderful that even the occasional geek wandering about, did nothing do dispel the magic that this place held.

The pain in my ankle was lessened considerably by the exploration, but the hunger became hard to ignore.

Demond and I decided to head back to our meeting spot, when night started to fall, having found no food or any place to sleep. We both dreaded the discussion with Val and Nona.

To our surprise, they were waiting for us at the place where I had collapsed the day before.

“finally!” Val said, sounding exasperated as she noticed us coming around the corner. “we have been waiting forever” 

“did you find food?” I asked excited, hoping beyond hope that they might have had more luck that we did.

“Naw” she said, with little enthusiasm “but we did find a place to sleep”

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MORT day 38 - Crazy Larry’s discount hi-fi

“Umm, I think we need to find a place to sleep, and maybe some food” Nona said, tentatively.

“yeah, we probably should” Val agreed.

“you-you haven’t done that already?” I asked incredulous “what have you been doing while I was out”

“we’ve been sleeping, idiot!” Val said, aggressively. She seemed none to happy with the accusation.

“yeah” Desmond agreed, sounding a bit forlorn “ we all had a long day yesterday, after we tended to your wounds, we all, sort of… collapsed. We only woke a couple of hours before you did”

I was honestly stunned. I don’t know why, but I had figures that Desmond would be on top of this, leading me to shelter and food, the way that he always did. Not for the first time, I realized just how much I had misread Desmond.

“anyway” Nona said, breaking the silence “this mall should have some food left in it, these places used to be stuffed with it”

“this what?” Desmond and Val said in unison.

“this mall” Nona repeated, as though it was the most natural word in the world. She looked at our puzzled faces and then repeated “this is a mall, you know, like a market.” She encountered nothing but blank stairs from the lot of us, so she continued “this place used to be where people went to buy clothes and things to put in their houses, like that” she pointed at one of the large broken windows” that used to be a store where people bought electronics”

“how can you tell?” Val said, staring at the large empty space, where the remnants of shelves littered the floor.

“because of the sign above the door” Nona said, confidently.

We all looked up and noticed a busted sign that read “Crazy larry’s discount hi-fi”

“what’s hifi” Desmond asked, looking back at Nona.

“it’s pronounced Hi-Fi” nona corrected “and it’s electronics” Nona looked around, expectantly, but none of us seemed to be getting it. 

“like the scanners” she elaborated after a short while, holding up her wrist for us to see the scanner.

“people used to buy this stuff” Val asked, looking down at the huge lump on her wrist.

“well, no this exact thing, but…” Nona struggled to make herself understood “it doesn’t matter, these places used to be full of food”

“what does that matter?” Desmond said, sounding exasperated “the food would be almost 100 years old, we couldn’t eat it anyway”

“Well, do you have a better idea?” Nona asked, sounding annoyed.

“I guess not” Desmond said and with that we set of into the mall, in search of food.

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MORT day 37 - story time

“OK, let’s start at the beginning” Desmond said, looking me in the eye.

“So, I ran off, which I guess you remember, with the steel pipe and the scream” he said laughing at bit at himself “Well, I ran because I thought you would join me. Like, you know, Napoleon charging into battle or something. I thought you guys just needed someone to lead the way. So, my plan was to find a way up here.” 

“I got the idea from one of those broken stairways in the courtyard. I remember thinking, we could make our way up there, but the geeks wouldn’t be able to follow. So I just kind of made a break for it. In hindsight, I probably should have explained my idea to all of you first” Desmond added, with a forlorn smile.

“You think so, genius” Val barked at him, but he chose to ignore her as he continued his story.

“Well, at any rate I got to the wall of geek and started fighting my way to the nearest set of stairs, which was only a couple of rows into the crowd. I have to say, it didn’t take me long to fight my way up here, but by the time I made it, everyone, except Val had disappeared from the square.”

“Yeah, I was standing there, looking at the you geniuses” Val said, gestured to Nona and I “gallivanting into certain death, when I heard a girly screech from up in the balcony”

“it was not girly” Desmond interjected.

“Oh it was girly, alright” Val insisted “sounded like a little girl calling for her mama.”

“anyway, I looked up and saw D here standing up in the balcony, just hanging out”

“I wish you wouldn’t call me that” Desmond said, sounding annoyed, but Val paid no mind

“it wasn’t too hard to fight my way to him, those geeks were pushovers. But it was kind of hard to find you guys” again, she gestured to Nona and I. 

“yeah, they found me a couple of hours later” Nona laughed from her place at the railing.

“yeah” Desmond agreed “we should call this one the geek whisperer, when we found her, she was just kind of hanging out. The geeks were totally ignoring her.” 

“You gotta teach us that trick, by the way” Desmond added, sounding awed.

“we thought we had lost you” Val said to me dismissively, after a short lull in the conversation.

“It wasn’t until Nona here, noticed the trail of geeks you had left behind you, that we found you. You made it really far” At this, Val almost sounded almost approving, which was an odd color on her. 

“yeah, I know what happened from then on” I said, apprehensively, not wanting to relive it.

I think Desmond guessed my mood, because he didn’t press me on my fight with the geeks, rather he asked the question, which I had been wondering about myself.

“so, what are we going to do now?”

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MORT day 36 - ankle

I looked over in amazement as Val walked towards me. She looked kind of banged up, but no worse than either Nona or Desmond, who were now standing at the crumbling railing tossing peebles at the geeks below. 

Val knelt down next to me and got an hand under my armpit.

“this is gonna hurt a bit, you cut up your ankle yesterday.” She said, matter of factly, then reading the expression on my face added “It ain’t a bite, we checked”

“OK, on the count of three” Val said.


The force with which Val hauled me to my feet was so intense that my body had no choice but to follow, which it desperately did not want to do.

“YAAH!” the howl escaped my lips before I knew it had happened.

I looked down at my ankle to see that my pant-leg had been removed below the shin on one side and used to bandage up something that looked quite messy.

“Shut your mouth!” Val hissed at me, as she supported my somewhat useless body. “we don’t wanna attract more geek”

“is that even possible” I wheezed back at her through shallow breaths.

“Haven’t lost your sense of humor, I see” She shot back ”that’s good. It’s gonna come in real handy in this situation”

After that, we were silent for a while, as I tried to put my weight on my injured leg. I realized, that if I were cautious and didn’t walk to fast, I was able to walk on my own, which was good, because I hated the idea of having to count on Val for anything. My dislike for the girl was increasing by the minute. 

When I was finally on my feet fully, Desmond walked over, leaving Nona behind to play with the pebbles and the geeks. 

“are you OK, Mortimer? We don’t have to move if you need more rest” Desmond, as always, was looking out for my best interest, something that right now was sorely needed. 

“Yeah, I guess I’m fine, but we just have to take it easy for a little bit” I said, then asked “could you tell me what happened yesterday?” 

“well, it’s kind of a long story, but I suppose you deserve to know”

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MORT day 35 - waking

“Is he dead?” Nona’s voice sounded far away, like I was hearing it from the bottom of a well. 

“No, he isn’t. And before you ask, he isn’t bit either, I checked” Desmond sounded annoyed, which was not unusual for him.

“then why isn’t he waking up?” Nona sounded curious, more than anything.

“I don’t know” Desmond said exasperated “he did fight through the day and most of the night, maybe he’s just really…”

I groaned and turned over. Why were they making so much noise?

“look, he moved!” Nona said excitedly.

“I told you, he was just tired” Desmond said, sounding relieved.

“whyrrryoutalkkinng” I drawled, barely making sense of my own words.

“what?” the question as asked directionless into my ear. 

I swatted at the side of my head and produced a satisfying “OW!” from Nona, as my arm collided with her cheek.

“That was not cool” I could hear Nona yell, but I just turned over, trying to get back to sleep. 

The icy tongues of cold that licked down my back woke me, but good.

I sat up with a start, lifting my shirt frantically to get the snow out of there. I finally did, but not before I had been blinded by the morning light. 

I sat for a while letting the my groggy and aching body adjust. Nona was doubled over laughing behind me and even Desmond had allowed himself a giggle as he looked at my confused expression. I was sitting in the same spot I had collapsed the night before, somewhere between the stairs and the balcony, which I now realized wasn’t a balcony at all. 

I took a good look around and saw that what I had mistaken for a balcony in the dark, was actually an archway that stretched itself around the second floor of the building, which, from the inside looked like a market of some kind. Every couple of meters were a broken window filled with the mummified remains of whatever had once been sold here. The whole place had a ghostly air to it, not helped by the scores of gasping geeks below us.

I tried to get to my feet, wanting to check out the rest of the building, but my legs didn’t seem to want to carry me. 

“Let me help you out there, bigboy” a familiar voice said from somewhere behind me. I looked back to see the hulking frame of Val walking towards me. 

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MORT day 34 - fighting

I scooped up a rock from the ground threw it at head of the first geek I saw.

It went down like a sack of potatoes.

I made a triumphant yelp and I scooped up another and threw a the next geek in line.

This was good, this could work.

I started to jump in place, psyching myself out.

“cut that out” Val said next to me, sounding nervous. I didn’t pay attention to her.

This was my time, this was my fight. I spotted a large rusted piece of pipe sticking out of the ground and ran to it. I placed both my hands on the thing and started to pry it free, but the thing wouldn’t give. It took a bit of force and some well placed kicks, but I finally loosened the thing up enough to pry it out f the earth. It was heavy and sat nicely in my hand. I turned around to face the horde, which was only a couple of meters away. This was it, I was going to do this. It was now or never. With a savage scream I plunged myself into the horde.

The first swing of the pipe landed a blow which brought down the geek in front of me, but there were more geeks behind it. I swung again, and this time two geeks went down, but now, they were coming at me from all sides.

I crouched low and used the pipe to take down the legs of several geeks standing around me. They went down, gasping as they did, but behind them were yet more geeks.

I worked the Pipe in every way imaginable, I quickly learned that it wasn’t all that important to kill them, bringing them down was enough. My adrenaline fueled body worked while my brain shut off. I seemed to be able to do things that weren’t humanly possible, all the while leaving a trail of undead carnage. 

More than once I found myself leaping straight over a geek or leaving blows that brought down several at once. Every idea of stealth had long since disappeared from my radar, as I screamed in savage glee at almost every kill.

The beast in me took over and could not have told you long I fought for. The stream of geeks seemed eternal and so did my bloodlust, but eventually night did fall.

I had fought my inside of the building, my savage fighting hadn’t slackening, but my body was aching and my mind was getting steadily fuzzier. I could feel the darkness closing in, which only made my fighting more desperate. The geeks did not stop coming and the dark only made it harder to make out where they were coming from. The atmosphere in the building was dusty and stuffy. I stumbled over debris and parts of buildings more than once, only picking myself up in the nick of time to avoid the gnawing mouths of the geeks. 

My trusty Pipe had just met the face of an oncoming geek, I got a faceful of light.

It was so bright and so blinding that I stopped up for a second, which caused several geeks to grab me from behind. I turned around and brought my pipe up to end the miserable creatures, when I heard a welcome voice.

“Over here!”

I looked over once again, and saw Desmond on a balcony pointing an electrical torch at a broken staircase in to my right. It couldn’t have been more than a couple of meter away, but there we several geeks standing between myself and it. 

Summoning the last bit of strength I had, I smashed my way through the dead. When I finally made it to the staircase, I could barely stand.

The staircase had a gaping hole through the middle, one that a human could easily jump, but one that a geek would fall through. In fact, there were a couple of gasping geeks lying at below it with their hands stretched out towards me. 

I made the jump with great difficulty and hauled my way up the stairs. My vision was growing dim and the only thing I could see was the light of Desmond torch. I just made to up the stairs, when my legs gave way underneath me, the last thing I remember was the sound of Desmond’s voice calling my name. 

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MORT day 33 - no we are not

“Yeah, you are… or you’re gonna die trying. Now get up” Val commanded and hauled me to my feet by the shoulder. 

“aw come on Val” Nona whined “we need to fight, it’s gonna be awesome” the anticipation in her voice was almost infectious.

“No, Nona, we’re gonna stand here and watch this idiot take all the attention away from us. Then we’re gonna find our own way out of here” Val said, sounding like a scolding parent.

“No!” nona yelled defiantly, looking Val dead in the eye “we are going to fight” 

“No we are not” Val countered, her steely gaze meeting Nona’s with equal determination.

The silent progression of the dead drew ever nearer as the two girls stood in this weird mexican standoff, neither of them budging. 

It was weird, these girls were fighting over who was going to fight, when in fact none of us could help but fight. It was either fight or die, that is what it came down to at this point. The geeks wouldn’t stop coming and we couldn’t just lie down and let them eat us. This was what Desmond had figured out, as usual he was far ahead of everyone else. He probably thought that we would follow him into battle, if he just led the way. It seems like he grossly overestimated all of us. But it wasn’t too late to man up. Anyway, These were old fragile geek and it seemed a shame to disappoint Demond. 

I was just about to make this point to the girls, when Nona loudly exclaimed “screw this!” and started running at the horde.

“Nona, wait” I could hear Val yell after her, but it was too late, Nona had disappeared into the sea of the dead.

I steeled myself. If I were going to die, I would die fighting.

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MORT day 32 - the sprint

“what… I don’t…what?” I stammered. 

Desmond had just run off. He was going to fight the geeks… alone? What had happened? This was not the Desmond I knew. The Desmond I knew was cautious and thoughtful and reasonable. He was not a vigilante who ran off by himself. I could do nothing but just stare after the diminishing figure of Desmond, as he slowly advanced on the herd of geeks spilling from the building. 

“We should follow him” Val said matter of factly after a second “but we keep a safe distance, we don’t wanna get bit”

“but…” my interjection was cut off my a light scratch in my shoulder. I hadn’t heard the geek sneaking up behind me, but there it was. I must have jumped 2 meter into the air, with a scream that was so piercing that it could have killed the already dead. 

I started sprinting. Not with the fierce bloodlust that Desmond had run with, I was laeping for my life, leaving everything and everyone behind me.

I stopped a safe distance away from the spot where Desmond had disappeared into the wall of geeks. He was no longer anywhere to be seen and the geeks just kept coming. My head was throbbing and my breath was shallow, as I stood there, letting Nona and Val catch up. 

I looked up briefly and quickly wished I hadn’t. The horde had become more massive, it now spilled from the mouth of the building across most of width of the building and almost to the place where I was standing. Luckily they were being slowed down by the debris and vegetation of the square. Many of them tumbled over, bringing several of their comrades with them in the fall, or got stuck, never to recover. But for each geek who was taken out by the circumstances around us, there were 10 more, who relentlessly marched on with their sightless eyes trained on us.

This was it, wasn’t it? This was the end. We were never getting out of here. I was sitting on the ground awaiting the oncoming horde, when Nona and Val caught up with me.

Neither of them seemed to have been in the rush that I was in. 

“so, are you ready to kick some geek ass” Nona asked delighted, as she made her way up beside me. 

“What” I asked, incredulous.

“Yeah, a crew like this, we could take them out in a second” Nona said, sounding confident as ever.

“oh, no you don’t” the interjection, to my surprise, did not come from me. Val was standing behind us, looking at both of us disapprovingly. 

“What, why not?” Nona asked, obviously disappointed.

“This jackass got us into this situation, and now he is going to get us out” Val said, staring daggers at me.

“I am?” I asked dumbfounded.

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MORT day 31 - the backpack

“I don’t know, I can’t…think” Desmond said, distracted.

I wanted to look over at him, to gage just how screwed we were. During my time in Savior, I had gotten used to Desmond being the calm one, the one with the plan. In that last week, that had all changed. I could almost feel the gears in Desmond’s head turning as he tried to come up with some kind of solution. 

We stood frozen for a while as we waited for someone to figure out what to do. I kept looking back and forth between the geeks behind me and Desmond in front of me. From every angle I could see more geeks spilling into the square. Slowly, the place was filling up and they were all heading our direction. If I didn’t know any better, I would have thought that somebody had planned this…

But that couldn’t be the case, we had been seen us off by the bishop. This was probably pastor Masters doing, or maybe that sadistic Pilot… the pilot, there was something there, something I was forgetting…

The bag.

The realization hit me like a smack in the face. The pilot had given us each a bag, there had to be something in there. I felt stupid that I hadn’t thought of it before; the makers wouldn’t send us out into the city without any help. 

My bag had landed somewhere near here. I scanned the ground for it and found it lying a couple of meter away. I picked it up and started riffling through it. 

There was nothing there, nothing I could use anyways. I had thought the makers would have given us a pellet gun, like the ones we use at extermination, or maybe a knife, or something. But there was nothing but an empty water-bottle and a small sleeping-bag, in my bag. That was it. I was just about to ask the others if they had gotten anything better, when I heard the scream. It was high pitched and terrifying. It sounded down right inhuman.

I turned around to see that Desmond had taken off in the direction of the geeks at a run, screaming all the while. In one hand he had a rock and in the other he had a bit of rusted pipe. 

“HA! That’s the spirit!” Nona called after him. 

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MORT Day 30 - wading through water

The geek I was looking at, had definitely spotted us, even if it didn’t have eyes. It was maybe 10 meters away, partially blocked by all of the debris in it’s way. The thing was walking towards us deliberately, its mouth rotted away into that permanent grin that so many of the savior city geeks had.

I was just about to say something, when I heard Desmond say “Umm, guys” in a hushed voice.

I turned my head slightly, not daring to turn all the way around and saw a small flock of geek heading our way from one of those gaping mouthes in the building that surrounded us.

“I’ve got one… no wait. I’ve got four” I whispered as I turned my head back to to see My geek had been joined by 3 more. 

“There are some over here as well!” Nona bellowed. The gleeful shout set my teeth on edge and I allowed myself a brief glare at Nona. 

“are you trying to get us killed” I hissed still trying to keep my voice down. 

“What?!” Nona said “it’s not like they don’t know we’re here”

I looked back over at the geeks, who hadn’t progressed much since I looked last. It almost seemed like they were wading through water. The debris and shrubbery was slowing them down considerably. It almost looked comical, if it wasn’t for the fact that while I had been looking at Nona 3 more had attached themselves to the progression.

As an exterminator, I was used to dealing with geeks, but never geeks in the wild. My job was mostly to check the booby traps and clear the fences. The most I had to do was shoot my pellet gun at their eye and watch them go down. It was pretty easy work, even if it was kind of boring. 

This was something very different. These geeks were coming at us and they were coming in spades. Behind the procession on 8 geeks, which were the ones closest to me, I spotted new ones coming out of the building. These geeks were walking with the speed I knew geeks were capable of. Maybe the shelter from the winter weather were helping them move better.

“what do we do” I asked no one in particular, as I watched the dead inch closer.

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MORT day 29 - the shove

After the brief look at the skyline and the frightening spectacle that was the beacon, we were literally shoved out of the helicopter.

The Pilot went down the line giving each of us a small backpack and a firm shove. Nona, who went first, seemed to think the whole thing was fun, because she squealed with joy as she was pushed off the edge. Val, on the other hand, cursed so loudly as she was pushed, that she must have set every geek in the city on edge. Desmond seemed weirdly reserved as he met the shove, almost like this was his fall into the grave. 

I, was last in line. I looked down at my friends who were recovering in the snow a couple of meters below me and dreaded the fall. I was so preoccupied that when the pilot handed me my backpack I lost my balance and ended up sending myself over the side of the helicopter. 

The fall was not long and was cushioned by the fact that I landed squarely on top of Val, which she did not take all that well.

I got to my feet quickly, jus in time to see the helicopter shooting up into the clouded sky. I just caught a glimpse of the guard smiling down at me as the back of the thing closed up.

The first emotion I felt was panic. We were trapped. We would all die. This was no good. I almost made it to full freak out, if it hadn’t been because I locked eyes with Val. She looked mad. Well, not just mad, actually furious to the point of murder. The hate I saw in her eyes almost knocked me off my feet. I closed my eyes and shook my head. 

“relax Mort” I murmured to myself “you can do this, just relax”

I took a deep breath and then let it out. Then I took another and let it seep out slowly. This was going to be okay, I just had to figure out my situation.

brushed off Val’s hateful glares and started to look at where they had dropped us off. 

We were standing in the middle of a large five-sided courtyard. We had landed next to something which might once have been a fountain. It was surrounded by benches which were more or less intact. The was littered with debris like that and plants no larger than bushes grew hither dither out of the concrete on the ground. 

Surrounding us on all sides a squat grey building. It was banged up in places and had large gaping mouthes into which you could see nothing but darkness. A pretty busted walkway traced the second story of the building, leading to huge broken windows with dilapidated signs hanging above them. 

I was still getting my bearings when I heard the first ghastly exhale.

When I was younger, I had heard tales of the horrible moans that the geeks made. I was told that they would sneak up behind you and moan, only when they knew they had you in their claws. Reality, it seemed, was both near and far from the fantasy. 

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MORT day 28 - the beacon

One final gut wrenching fall later, the pilot came into the cabin. He was wearing a white suit, kind of like the guards, but his was cinched at the waist and there was a faded symbol of a pair of wings on his chest. He had probably been doing this for a while, because he didn’t look shaken at all.

“OK, one last piece of advice” he cautioned.

“once these doors open, you are on your own” he looked at each of us in turn as he said “the city is a huge place, so don’t be surprised if you get lost, but just know, if you don’t make it to back to the place that we drop you off you will be left behind”

“before you go, each of you have to grab a pack of supplies and make sure that you have your scanner firmly in place. Once you have that, I will open the door. You won’t be able to reach us for a week and we won’t be able to reach you, so if there is anything you want to say before I open those doors, now would be the time.”

The room was quite for a while, as everyone took in what he had said. I had nothing to say. What    would have made any kind of difference? If fact I was not sure that I could have said anything at all, even if I wanted to. If I opened my mouth at that moment I would most likely just have thrown up. 

“Good” the pilot said after an awkward moment of complete silence. Then, without much ceremony, he pulled a lever which opened the back hatch of the helicopter. 

I couldn’t have said what I had expected. Maybe I had hoped that we would be greeted by a piece of open sky and green fields. Whatever I had thought I would see, the huge dilapidated building in front of us was not it. 

“Hey” I could hear Desmond call out behind me “isn’t that the beacon?”

“I believe it is” the pilot said, with just a hint of a smile in his voice.

My heart sank into my stomach, this was definitely not good.

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MORT day 27 - sour notes

“where is sector 66 even??” Val grumbled after a while.

“I don’t know. The number sounds high, though, so maybe it’s somewhere in the outskirts of the city” I said, hoping beyond hope for some good news for once.

“don’t count on it” Desmond answered.

“why not” I asked, feeling my spirits drop. I was hoping that we might get a break. The bishop did see us of after all, so maybe he put in a good word and gave us somewhere easy to explore. 

“the city is divided into sectors, like sector one, two and three, right. I know for a fact that there are 250 sectors in the city, so it stands to reason that we are going to be right in the thick of the city”

“oh yeah…I didn’t think of that” I said, shifting my eyes to the floor.

I knew Desmond was smart, but every time he piped up like this, I was reminded just how smart he actually was. 

“b-but maybe it’s not gonna be that bad. Maybe we will just have to scan… I don’t know, a park or something” I felt dumber by the word

after that, we sat in silence for a while. None of us really wanted to talk, and if anyone did, he (or she)had to drown out the sound of violent vomiting coming from the guard. 

I kept wishing that there were windows in the helicopter. At least we would have had an idea of where we were going or what kind of situation we were heading into, but for some reason the makers had decided that adding windows would be cheating or something. 

I had no idea how long we were supposed to be confined to this metal coffin, but for every second we were, the bats in my stomach threatened to gnaw their way out through my belly button. 

An eternity passed, during which I imagined every way that I could be cornered, eaten or maimed by the geeks. Every attempt at a conversation was squashed by the gloom that filled the cabin and in the end even Nona sat quietly with her head in her hands. 

 My heart leapt when I finally started to feel the helicopter descending. Well, it was not so much a leap as it was a wave of panic when the helicopter suddenly dropped quickly. Because there were no windows, all we could feel, were our asses moving slightly out of our seats and then suddenly, violently, being slammed back down again. This happened a couple of times as neared the ground. I could see Val grabbing Nona’s hand and for a second I could see why Nona might like this big oaf. I looked over at Desmond trying to get some of that same encouragement, but he was looking pale and his eyes were so wide that I could see the white all around the irises. I couldn’t help but think that once those doors opened, we were doomed.

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MORT day 26 - Helicopter


Savior City was a big place, so going from one place to another could take some time. Still, I hadn’t expected the trip to last as long as it did.

The inside of the helicopter was quite large, probably meant for groups larger than ours. Against the wall on either side, were rows of uncomfortable chairs, all fitted with straps and clasps to keep us save. There was netting hung above us which was probably meant for luggage and a bored looking guard was standing by the entrance to the cockpit. The whole thing made me feel more like a piece of cargo than a traveler, but I had strapped myself in never the less.

Nona and Val were sitting across from Desmond and I. They weren’t talking to one another, but that might have been because Nona had started singing some cheery tune that she had probably made up on the spot. Val wore a severe expression and seemed downright hostile every time she looked at Desmond or I, but whenever she looked over at Nona, her features softened. 

I looked over at Desmond. He looked greener than I had ever seen him and beats of sweat were forming on his forehead. Maybe he was nervous because he didn’t like to fly or maybe it was because he couldn’t stomach the mission, either way, he did not look well. I had probably looked better myself, but I was keeping it together, so far. 

“so, where are we going?” Desmond said, aiming his question at the guard. His voice was barely audible over the roar of of the motors.

“sector 66” the guard said, without looking up.

“where is that” Desmond asked.

“will you shut it” said the guard, ad looked up for the first time. I had misjudged the guard, he was not bored, he was struggling to keep his lunch down.

We sat in silence for a second when I can heard Val mutter “like it even matters”

I looked over at her. She had a grim expression, which looked even worse than I would have thought possible. 

“what do you mean” I asked, cautious of where this was going.

“is there really a difference on where we’re going? If we’re going out there, we’re dead. If you guys had managed to get more people, we would have stood a chance. This” she gestured at the four of us “is pathetic”

“hey, no one asked you to come” Desmond shot back at her, clearly provoked.

“actually, someone did” Val shot back at him. “loverboy over here came crying to my friend over there” val gestured at Nona who was still humming loudly “and said he had nothing and no one.” Val said those last few words in a mock crying voice.

“so I came” Val continued “because there is nothing I wouldn’t do for my home-girl over there” again she gestured at Nona who had now started making dance moves with her arms to accompany her song.

“Well, that’s great!” and we are so happy to have you” Desmond said, adding a tinge of sarcasm to the sentence.

there was a long stretch of awkward silence that followed that, because What Desmond had said was not untrue, we were, in fact happy to have them.

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